What’s New

The Florida 2014 Legislative Session ended with the legislature filing fewer bills and passing fewer bills than in years past.  One of the most important issues for consumers was maintaining the protections provided under the Florida Consumer Collection Practices Act.  We were successful in our efforts doing this and want to thank Rep. Santiago, bill sponsor, for his leadership in seeing that consumers were protected.  Efforts to create a scheme around residential renter’s insurance failed. Crowdfunding legislation did not move in light of the SEC being in the midst of rulemaking on this issue – we expect to see this legislation return next year.  You can read our full report under our “Legislative” link or here.


We are new! Florida Alliance for Consumer Protection started when a group of concerned Florida citizens joined together to create a statewide consumer protection and tenant rights advocacy nonprofit.  With Florida poised to be the third most populated state in the nation, we felt our citizens needed a statewide organization dedicated solely to consumer protection and tenant rights.  Though many organizations provide crucial support on these issues, for which we are grateful, we feel an organization focused on these issues is important for the future protection of Floridians.

What We Do

We are currently applying for our 501(c)(4) status as a nonprofit. We followed legislation during the 2014 Florida legislative session that will impact consumers and tenants.  Follow us on Facebook for timely updates, as we start to use these tools to keep you informed.

As we grow, we hope to provide you with educational materials and other information to help all Floridians become smart consumers.